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In-game branding

A new era of engagement

We know that we are way ahead of our time, but this is exactly where we want to be. We wish to be the spearhead of future marketing, and offer branding that has not yet been seen nor tried. We develop levels and products in 3D, making sure that your potential customers get the whole experience, from home. The solution makes it cheaper for you to test out possibilities, interest and functionality, without paying transport fees to the stores.

Be at the front of future marketing.

It is always hard taking the first step, but as more brands take this approach, they realise that the conversion rate is tremendously in favor of their brand. Converting budgets into engagement has proven to be a success, once creating fun and interactive engagement throughout the most popular game titles.


Before BRNDMORE, creators have been working with limited opportunities of success, no quality control, and no experience within marketing. When we combined the marketing expertise of our management with the creativity of our staff, the possibilities began to unfold. We ended up being at the forefront of development, and have created many projects that ended up setting the standards for the industry.

Do you only work with companies?

Absolutely not. We work together with individuals, content creators and such, that need something unique for their brand as well.

What is the purpose of in-game branding?

It is ideal for events, both online and offline for creating fun engagement and content, but also can be used for competitions, where it is possible for players to compete on something unique, but also branded with your company colors and logo. On top of all this, you get the opportunity to showcase your products 1:1, creating a potential sale.

Proven concept

Brands have seen that their engagement has doubled since their first project.

Custom design

Sky is the limit. We are able to tailor the whole project to fit your requirements and brand.

For content creators

As an influencer / streamer, you are able to have a level designed with your brand.

Support all the way

Our BRNDCARE team stands ready to guide you throughout the whole process.

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